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Your Personal Beauty Artist

25MP AI-Powered Selfie

The OPPO F7 is your gateway to beautiful selfies like never before. The 25MP AI beauty selfie 
camera captures the very essence of you by using AI Beauty and Sensor HDR technologies. 
Be awed by selfies that not only come alive, but portray you at your flawless best.

Sensational Selfies, Always

25MP Front Camera with Sensor HDR

The OPPO F7 has taken regular HDR technology in existing software one step further, by 
embedding the Sensor HDR in its enviable hardware. This 25MP AI selfie camera captures 
beauty as nature intended the human eye to see – whether in bright or low light - with 
exquisite details that pop right off the screen.

Customize your Beauty

AI Beauty Technology 2.0

Capturing selfies with the F7 is like having a personal beauty artist at your fingertips. 
Features are first recognized and then beautified individually with OPPO’s improved facial 
optimization technology tapping on 296 positioning spots. Whether you are snapped with 
your other half or in a mixed group, the contrast between both sexes will stand out even 
more, where the men look more masculine and the ladies exude greater femininity.

For a More Strikingly Beautiful You

Vivid Mode

Fashion photography is no longer confined to the likes of hip magazines. With Vivid Mode, your selfies 
can come to life with its own color palette. Strike a pose and bring out your photogenic best, where your 
face looks naturally beautiful against the enhanced color saturation of your outfits and backdrop, thanks 
to AI recognition technology and this innovative Vivid Mode.

Show Off Your Style

AR Stickers

Bring out your whimsical side by personalizing your 
selfies, group shots and videos with anything AR that 
catches your fancy. Rabbit ears – why not? Fairy wings – 
definitely! Superhero powers – bring it on! Stay in vogue 
with irresistibly cute AR stickers that will make you 
the king or queen of likes on social media.

Just the Way You Like It

AI Learning

OPPO’s smart AI Learning tool is programmed to intuitively understand what you want your 
selfies to look like, and to customize them for you and you only. It can remember your selfie 
editing preferences over time, so every new snap you take automatically takes on your 
previous profiles like bigger eyes and slimmer cheeks even at the preview stage. All it takes is 
three easy steps for your selfies to go viral - Ready, Click, Load!

Vibrant Photo in One Click

Rear Camera with AI Scene Recognition

This AI-powered scene recognition camera intelligently and accurately identifies 16 different 
scenes and objects you are shooting in real-time. Find the perfect balance of brightness, 
exposure, color and contrast in every single shot you capture – whether it is an exquisite piece 
of latte art or a spectacular sunrise. Let the brilliant F7 photography algorithms do the work.

A Revolutionary Viewing Experience

6.23’’ FHD+
Super Full Screen

The OPPO F7 lets you take it all in with a 6.23-inch FHD+ all-encompassing screen that
stimulates your senses across all your everyday mobile phone experiences. With its best-in-class
88% screen and 19:9 aspect ratios, the F7 gives you an impressive 16% bigger view.

See the Bigger Picture

88% Screen-to-Body Ratio

Seeing the big picture – 16% more to be precise - takes on new meaning with the impressive 88% screen-to-body ratio of the 
F7. Whether you’re exterminating online enemies, admiring anime creations or taking in friendly texts, this borderless screen 
will work to your advantage. The Super Full Screen features 2280 x 1080 pixels with an astounding high color volume, which brings 
every scene to life. Bigger, clearer and more vivid images make for a realistic and immersive experience.

Feels Just Right in Your Hand

Bigger Screen, Smaller Phone

The F7 comes with an impressive 6.23-inch Super Full Screen, but is in fact packed into a 
compact body that is smaller than the traditional 5.5-inch screen phone. It strikes the perfect 
balance between being expansive enough for an immersive screen experience, and yet 
small and lightweight enough to fit nicely in the palm of your hand. An epic cinematic 
wonder far exceeding its modest handheld proportions.

Immersive Experience on Your Phone

New Navigation Gesture and 
Full Screen Multitasking

Accompanying the bigger F7 screen is a series of vastly improved navigation shortcuts. 
Swipe, flick, drag and tap – the whole F7 software universe will be on call with these simple 
gestures for an unbeatable true full screen experience. The new Full Screen Multitasking can hold 
app icons or notification bubbles, so you can still read and reply to messages without 
interrupting your games or videos, as they go app-in-app.

To Suit Your Personal Style

Glossy Unique Design

The OPPO F7 ticks all the design boxes, with an elegant back cover that catches the eye with 
a subtle yet mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow from different angles. With a choice 
of bold fashionable colors, the F7 is also a genuine style accessory fit for any fashionista. Treat 
your F7 phone like a personal style signature, by choosing the color that best represents 
your individuality - shiny Solar Red, soothing Moonlight Silver, or unique Diamond Black.


Solar Red / Moonlight Silver / 
Diamond Black

Faster, Smoother and Greater Storage


OPPO F7’s performance is 80% higher than its predecessor. With a formidable 4GB RAM and 64GB 
ROM taking center stage, the F7 not only runs fast and smooth, but does so with significantly less 
power and a greater storage capacity so you can store a whole lot more on your device.



Smoother Experience

CPU Optimization

With an intelligent resource allocation mechanism, every task powered by the F7’s 4GB Octa-core and Dual-AI-core processor is 
working at peak efficiency. The app activation is now an impressive 30% faster, and the image processing level is an 
impressive 46% faster. Game acceleration has also risen significantly, so your phone runs faster and smoother 
without a glitch even when you are gaming online.

Longer Battery Life

AI Battery Management

The 3400 mAh power cell of the F7 utilizes a smart battery management system to prevent 
drain. By learning and establishing your usage patterns and habits over time, the system 
snoozes or closes inactive apps to save power and your battery lasts longer for more 
productive tasks during your busy day.

3400 mAh

Call and Game All At Once

Dual 4G, Triple Slot Tray

With two 4G SIM cards in the F7, you can now make calls on one while using the other for 
online access – both on speedy 4G networks so nothing slows you down. It also brings the 
number of slot trays to three – going one up by adding a slot for a memory card that can 
pump up your storage capacity right up to 256 GB.

ColorOS 5.0 Based on Android 8.1

Speedy Facial Unlock

Your OPPO F7 phone knows you like no other, thanks to its advanced AI Recognition 
Technology using 128 recognition points to identify your unique face. All you need to do is 
look at the screen to unlock it securely, in a lightning-quick span.


1.Supports 16 scenes and objects: Sunset, Grass, Indoor, Food, Sky, Snow, Night, Dog, Portrait, Baby, Firework, Beach, Scenery, Text, Cat, Stage light.

2. The full screen of the F7 with a 19:9 screen ratio has expanded the visual field by 16%, compared to the 16:9 screen ratio.

3. The Full Screen Multitasking supports WhatsApp, Messenger, Line and WeChat, but may differ between countries or ColorOS versions.

4.The overall performance of F7 represents an 80% improvement over the F5.

5. The CPU Optimization data is based on lab tests compared to test scenarios involving the OPPO F5.

6. Both the OPPO F7 and F7 128GB models utilize a typical battery value of 3400mAh.

7. Product images are included for reference only. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Please refer to the actual product manual for details. The data used on this website is obtained from OPPO’s technical parameters, test data from laboratories as well as third-party suppliers. Actual product data may differ slightly, depending on testing software versions and environments.

8. Both F7 and F7 128GB use MTK P60 processor. The Octa cores refer to four A73 core and four A53 core. The Dual AI cores refer to two AI Processing Units which is exclusive for MTK P60.

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