Return & Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy

01. You can return a product within 4 days from the date on which you have received the same

02. Return should be made in two methods as mentioned below

            01. Handover the product to our office or outlet

            02. To get the product from our side

  •            A delivery fee will be charged based on the location from where we need to collect the goods if we asked to collect it from your end.
  •            If a product is being returned for a valid reason, the delivery fee already charged can be refunded.

03. There shouldn’t be any damaged or broken once you have returned it.

04. A return product will be repaired and re delivered or else will be replaced by a new product .

05.  A product with a warranty has returned , then customer will have to wait until we get the product repaired from the warrantor (company)