Terms of Place Order. 

01. Please fully read the Terms and Conditions before making the order

02. If you have been found for guilty for any theft or activities that harm to our industry will be punished.

03. We are committed to provide 100% customer satisfaction while dealing with us

04. You are able to get information about our service and the product you have ordered through our customer service

05. You are requested to place your order only after getting all the necessary information about that product/s

06. If you need a product currently in  out of stocks, you can contact our customer service to get more information about it

07. Unfortunately the product you have ordered unavailable to deliver, then we do contact the customer and get his/her consent before delivering a product with another brand

08. If you order a product with no colour choice, then we deliver to you with available colour at the time you have made your order

    *  Or else, you can inform us your colour choice within one hour from your order time and choose a colour as you wish by telling us the product ID number